Out(there)fit #3 | City Chic

Welcome back to miprepdaily! Today I’ll be sharing my third outfit in my Out(there)fit series. Click to view my first two posts. Keep reading to see my take on a city chic outfit.

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BTS Clothing Haul 2017

Hey everyone! Today I’m sharing some recent purchases that I’m excited to wear this fresh school season. Keep reading to view!

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School Supplies Haul 2017 | Five Star

Hey everyone! I’m glad you’re back on miprepdaily. Today I’ll be sharing my school supplies for sophomore year. Thanks to Fivestar for sending me a few products included in today’s post. Keep reading to see more!

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Switching It Up | End of Summer Outfits

Hey everyone, welcome back to miprepdaily! Today’s post is all about fashion, one of my favorite things to discuss! Before we hop on into the outfits, I want to mention that my uploading schedule has switched to Tuesday & Thursday. During the school year I get crazy busy meaning my life consists of sports, band, clubs, and let’s not forget about homework. I constantly feel as if I’m doing homework 24\7… all. the. time. Anyone else have those struggles? Nonetheless keep reading to see 3 different outfits that I styled!

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Day Designer Agenda Review + Productivity Tips

Hello everyone! Welcome back to miprepdaily. School is just around the corner for most of us, and learning how to stay productive is one of my back to school tips. Staying organized is imperative, especially once you reach high school. My favorite way to stay on track is an agenda! Keep scrolling for my top five productivity tips + thoughts on my new planner.

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July Recap + Band Camp 2017

Hey everyone! This past week I was attending my second high school band camp which kept me busy for sure! Looking back through my photos, I got the idea to write a blog post sharing all the fun trips I’ve been on. Keep reading to see what has consumed my summer!

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Intro Into A New Fashion Series | Out(there)fits

Happy Friday! Today I’ll be introducing a new series for my blog! With school creeping up quickly I knew that figuring out new outfits would be a great idea to blog. Out(there)fits blog posts will show one outfit that was completely different from what I typically wear during the week. Keep reading to see the first outfit in the series!

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Mini Summer Haul!

Hello and welcome back to miprepdaily! I’ve done some shopping this summer on vacations and quick trips to the mall. If you like this post make sure to give it a like and keep reading!

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No Heat, Easy Summer Hairstyles!

Welcome back to miprepdaily! I’m bursting with excitement because today’s post is one I’ve been waiting to share, and now it’s finally here! With summer’s heat, hairstyles that keep hair away from my face while adding a cute touch to the outfit are necessary. Keep reading for 3, no heat hairstyles!

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Summer Fashion Favorites

Happy Monday! The first post of the week is none other than a fashion one. Here’s a quick look at my favorite summer trends, clothing pieces, and accessories. What summer trends have you been loving? Keep reading to see my summer fashion favorites.

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Cracking Open The Books |Reading List 2017

Hello everyone, welcome back to Miprepdaily. I hope you all are having an amazing day! As you can see from the title, today’s post is my reading list for 2017. Do you have any good reads to recommend? Let me know by leaving a comment! Keep scrolling for my books to start and/or finish by the end of the year!

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Room Tour | Summer Edition!

Hey everyone! I hope today has been a good one! Today’s post is different but I’m bursting with excitement to share! Often parts of my room are shown in my daily Instagram  stories. TONS of my followers have either requested a room tour or say they love my room, which gave me the idea for this blog post. I’ll be showing you around my room that I am finally satisfied with. Keep reading for the tour!

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What’s In My Purse?

Hello, everyone and I’m glad you are back! While visiting family for the past week, my also fashion savvy Aunt handed down a purse of her’s. As I get older I tend to gather more important items to carry. Here’s the thing, I live for my lanyards and only death could do us part. Everything I could possibly need was crammed into my tiny Vera Bradley lanyard. Only recently did my mom point out that it was time for me to sacrifice my exploding lanyard and start using a purse.  I fought the idea for awhile but soon, with full displeasure I gave into adopting a purse…which I now love! This purse is the most suitable size for me and not to mention how cute it is! Keep reading to see what’s in my new bag! What is your #1 purse essential? Comment!

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JORD Watch Collaboration & Summer Outfit Idea

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Happy almost Friday! Today I have a very exciting blog post for you guys! JORD watches asked if I’d be interested in a $100 gift code giveaway, and of course I wouldn’t pass up the opportunity! One lucky person will receive a code that takes $100 off of a JORD watch of your choice! WAIT! Here’s another reason to enter… all that enter but don’t win will receive a $25 gift code! Win-win!

HOW TO ENTER: Click here or this link:  woodwatches.com/g/miprepdaily & submit an entry. Follow my Instagram Madellyngrace and JORD to see pictures of the adorable watches! JORD will contact the winner and all who entered to pass along the gift codes!

The contest ends: 06/04/2017 11:59pm
 giveaway codes expire: 07/31/2017

 Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

I chose the dark sandalwood band + mint face because the dark WOOD was so incredibly unique. These watches are made of wood, crazy right?! Seems to be that everyone has a gold or leather watch, but not many have one made of wood! Shop my watch here.



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Outfit Details:

Shirt: Hollister,

Shorts: Gap

Shoes: Birks

Watch: Jord

Necklace: Kendra Scott

Rings: Khols + Old Navy

Bracelet: Lokai

Written with love,

Madelyn 🙂



Weekend Wrap Up

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Hey everyone! I hope this weekend treated you well, and that you’re ready to tackle another great week! This past week was nothing less than busy and tiring! Tennis matches and intensive school days wore me down, but I’m happy to be blogging away!

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Easter 2017

Yes, Easter was a week ago, but I just now got the time to blog it! Easter has always been celebrated with my dads family, and this year we continued the tradition! If you aren’t following my social medias, make sure to do so!

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The Outfit

This outfit screams spring! The colors worked perfectly together and it was very comfy! And the best part, I was able to wear my PBS! That’s a big sign that spring and summer are here!

Outfit Details // tank: JCrew, cardigan: Gap, shorts: Gap, bracelets: Ralph Lauren, Lily & Laura, necklace: fossil, shoes: PBS

Easter Gifts

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Each Easter, my grandma sets up a mini gift hunt. I love doing it and she always watches me to see how easily I can find them, yet the result is usually her laughing because I’ve walked past them so many times and still didn’t find them! This year I got a bangle, a towel(not shown), beauty blenders, stickers, and candy… but of course that’s no longer around!

Thanks for reading! Give this post a like and leave me any requests in the comments! What did you do for Easter this year?!

Xoxo, Madelyn


How To Style: Bandanas

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Bandanas are working their way into the center of the fashion world. I picked up one for myself a while back, not realizing how popular they would be! The old school trend is making its way back into the public eye, and today on miprepdaily I’ll be showing you my 3 favorite ways to style them!

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Skin/Hair Care Favorites & Empties

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Welcome back to Miprepdaily! One of my New Year Resolutions was to revitalize my skin. With it only being April, I can’t say I’ve fully accomplished my goal, yet so far my skin looks healthier. The dark circles have subsided and only a few pimples remain constant. Ew… pimples. Struggling with dry skin in the past and viewing lotion as my mortal enemy, this winter I forced a habit onto myself of moisturizing daily. Today I’ll be telling you about my favorite products that will keep your skin and hair looking it’s best! Continue reading “Skin/Hair Care Favorites & Empties”


Spring Savings

Spring is here in spirit, but the weather is hanging onto winter here in Michigan. Dreaming of warmer days, I collected a few items that I hope to pick up this spring to add to my wardrobe. If you want to check out more of my outfits and accessories, check out my Instagram and YouTube Channel! Keep reading to see my Spring Savings!

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Weekend In My Life

Happy Sunday! My weekend was eventual and I figured I’d share it with you all! Check out my last post here -> Daily Makeup Routine

3/25 & 3/26

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I started off my weekend by hitting the gym with my mom. It always makes me feel more productive once I get in a good workout.


After the gym, my mom and I stopped for breakfast at Bob Evans. I love brunch and breakfast foods. I’m playing tennis this year so I was in need of court shoes. I stopped by Dicks Sporting Goods and found a basic pair that should last me through my first year! Following my mother around for the day also meant going down town for her haircut. I love the city and it’s feel. It’s a great place for pictures too!

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Oddly enough, I’m not a fan of Starbucks, but I have an obsession with the birthday cake cake pops. I treated myself with one before leaving the city.

Processed with VSCO with c2 preset

I recently became a rep for united tees. I wore the shirt shown on Sunday and it was AMAZING! It fit perfectly and the color was gorgeous. Use my code madelyn_15 for 15% off your next purchase!

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Sunday was race day for my family. My dad is training for a long, long run, so he did the A2 marathon for his weekend distance run. My aunt, grandparents, and I went down town to watch him finish.

While waiting, I snapped a few pics, one being me soaked from the down pour. Check out my Instagram for outfit details on both of the outfits shown from this weekend! (@madellyngrace)

Following the race, we went to lunch and order the best pretzel sticks ever! My dad did well for his first official marathon!

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What’s In My Backpack 2017 | Sophomore Year

Hello everyone! While writing this post I have a week  until school starts, crazy right?! I’ve gotten a few requests to show what I have in my backpack this year, and today I’m doing exactly that!

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Out(there)fits #2 | Pop of Red 

Hey everyone! Welcome back to miprepdaily. Today’s post is this weeks out(there)fit! Click here to see last weeks! Are you enjoying the new series? Let me know by giving this post a like and commenting your favorite color to WEAR!  Keep reading to see what’s in store.


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I went to the classic Old Navy this week and right away this tee caught my attention. We all adore weekends or at least I do! The hue is between red & orange and matches perfectly with navy chino shorts. Speaking of the shorts, they are from Gap’s spring collection. Sadly they were purchased last year, but I guarantee there’s something similar out! With summer in full bloom, hairstyles that keep the strays away are essential. Braids have been my go-to. Have you seen my no heat, easy hairstyles post? Click here to read! Moving on, my shoes are PBS and they added such a preppy vibe to the outfit. The fear of mixing metals is far in the past, wearing both gold and silver is unique. How darling is the mountain necklace? Thanks to my mom as she was the one who purchased it for me! Fossil is my favorite watch brand, so of course that’s where mine is from. One of the best Christmas gifts!!

Thanks for reading, comment any requests you have!