What’s In My Backpack 2016

Summer is winding to an end, and the early mornings are just ahead. I recently went school shopping and picked up my new backpack for high school! I was in love the moment I set my eyes on it. Want to see it? Keep on reading!


I have a  North Face Borealis in cosmic blue heather/ coral.  Its has a TON of pockets in the second section and a place for a laptop in the section closes to your back. I use the separate compartment for my folders instead of a laptop, so it definitely has multiple purposes! It has a top zipper pocket which is a great place to store phones and wallets! The mesh side pockets work great for umbrellas and water bottles. I know for sure that I’ll hide my pencils and gum there too!

The main pocket holds my folders, notebooks, and agenda. It’s spacious, but not overwhelmingly big.

     P1020096    P1020085 (2)

P1020086 (2)    P1020088 (2)

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The second main compartment, I keep some of my necessities like earbuds, my lunch for that day, and my pencil case!

  P1020095 (2)     P1020092 (2)

In the top pocket, my phone, ID pouch/wallet, and portable charger are put in there. I need those items all through out the day, so I like to keep them in an accessible spot!

                                             P1020091 (2)

Lastly, and probably one of my most used pockets, I have my water bottle. I also use it for my umbrella on those super rainy days!

   P1020090 (2)       P1020089 (2)

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