A Week With Madelyn #5

Before we get into anything, can you believe that Christmas is only 7 days away!? The Christmas itch has struck me again! Who would like a festive treat post? Keep reading for a look into my week, but first, follow my social media!

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SNOWDAY! Michigan weather is ever-changing, but it turned out for the best! A day to relax was much needed. I had to babysit, but she’s so fun be with that I was happy to. We took a few festive photos and filmed a video. (link down below) Many of these pictures are shown on my Instagram so follow @miprepp if you aren’t already! Leave me a comment for any outfit questions!

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So upset that I forgot a ootd pic for Tuesday, but thankfully I had this one from Snapchat. This outfit was so incredibly comfortable and it kept me nice and toasty.

Cardigan~ Hollister \\ Shirt~ Ralph Lauren \\ Leggings~ Old Navy \\ Boots~ Uggs


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Layers! The green shirt gave off a festive vibe and I loved it! Not much happened Wednesday, and I was very content with that. After school, I did have a band concert! GO BAND!

Vest & Shirt~ Old Navy \\ Plaid Shirt: GAP \\ Necklace: Fossil


Sadly, no full outfit, but after school I went down town to get a haircut.  Later, my mom and I went to Panera and did some last-minute Christmas shopping!

Scarf~ Local Shop \\ My Order~ Half chicken caesar salad with mac and cheese. Apple on the side!


TGIF! Friday was a day full of good memories! It was my friend’s birthday and we went roller skating. It was my first time… and I enjoyed it a lot! I will need more practice, so I hope to go back soon! The sleepover after was my favorite part of the night. We all got these huge chocolate bars and we indulged in them while the special girl opened her gifts.

Vest~ Old Navy \\ Shirt~ Ralph Lauren


Coming home with a sleepover slump didn’t stop me from being productive! I used my crafty techniques and created a music themed Secret Santa gift. In desperate need of winter pictures, I snatched a few! I vlogged my whole Saturday, and its now up on my channel.

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