Birthday Haul

Finally 15 and it’s feeling great! So grateful that I was able to spend my birthday with my closest friends and having a great sleepover with my girls. On another note, I’ve changed up my Instagram to match who I really am. Make sure to follow @madellyngrace! Read more to see what I received for my 15th!

As a lover of dainty necklaces, I was SO excited when I received an Aquarius one! Gift cards are always a great gift, and with my Sephora one, I picked up a tarte blush and eyeshadow palette along with THE BEST bronzer from NARS. Leave me a comment if you would want to see a new makeup look using the products above. In desperate need of a new makeup bag, my mom helped me pick out this fun one from Target. Taking up yoga this year, my dad surprised me with an awesome yoga mat. Changing up my style calls for a few new staple pieces. Check out Gap and Old Navy for adorable spring clothes. Lastly, my friend Sophie got me this set of lotions from the body shop and wow they work wonders! Candy was given to me by most of my friends and well… that’s nowhere to be seen. 

Xoxo, Madelyn