Skin/Hair Care Favorites & Empties

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Welcome back to Miprepdaily! One of my New Year Resolutions was to revitalize my skin. With it only being April, I can’t say I’ve fully accomplished my goal, yet so far my skin looks healthier. The dark circles have subsided and only a few pimples remain constant. Ew… pimples. Struggling with dry skin in the past and viewing lotion as my mortal enemy, this winter I forced a habit onto myself of moisturizing daily. Today I’ll be telling you about my favorite products that will keep your skin and hair looking it’s best!

I’ll be showing the products in the order they are used, so a mini skin care routine is an added bonus!

Before Shower Products

     Removing my makeup is key to keeping the skin healthy. It takes away all the products that have sat on and in your pores for 6+ hours. I recommend the Simple cleansing facial wipes, because they don’t leave my skin red or burning. On a daily basis, I’ll use half a wipe, but occasionally a full is needed.


    Every weekend my hair gets a spa day! It may sound gross, but I let all the dirt build up from the past day, apply coconut oil to the ends, and let it sit for 2-3 hours. I’ll finish last minute chores or homework to stay productive. When it’s time to shower, all the grime and oil rinses out, leaving soft and clean hair! Coconut oil is SO good for split ends. I’m trying to grow out my hair, and it’s one of the main reasons I don’t need a trim! Keep it away from the scalp when applying and while washing it out. The oil still has the potential to spread, which will make it look greasy.

In-Shower Products

    A few years ago I tried out this Lush shower gel. I LOVED it, but didn’t repurchase it until recently. It smells fresh and light, and leaves the skin smooth. After a week of use, I saw that it helped to remove the oil/sweat from tennis practice, which made it one of my go-to body products. It’s a springy color too!

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When my typical dove soap isn’t doing the trick, I go to my Olay body wash. It makes tons of bubbles and leaves my skin smooth.

After Shower Products

     I mentioned these products in my birthday haul, but sadly I finished one of the two! Words cannot express how soft and hydrated my skin felt when I used the shea butter lotion. The lip balm is light and perfect for keeping your lips nice and subtle!


Dry skin has always been a struggle, and although I won’t be restocking this Clinique gel moisturizer, I enjoyed testing it out. EOS has been a favorite of mine for quite some time, and I had collected just about all of the egg lip balms. Trying to get rid of them all, I’m making my way through the purple one. So far, it feels the same as any other, but the scent didn’t last long.


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A new holy grail product for me is the Rodan + Fields Redefine Eye Cream. My neighbor introduced it to my mom, who I then stole it from. The main reason for me trying this product was my dark circles. I struggled for years with the appearance of blue/purple bags under my eyes, but they’ve significantly disappeared due to daily use of the eye cream. 15 years old may come off as too young for face or eye creams, but only good things have came from the brand. The ill-looking dark circles are now easy to cover with concealer, leaving me with smooth, redefined under eyes. Going on 3 full months of use and I can happily say I 10/10 recommend!

* This is not sponsored, I truly love the product/company!

Visit the company and try it out for yourself!

Other Favorites


This past month or two I found myself using a couple of my older favorites again. At the start of the school year my everyday perfume was Amber Rush by VS. It’s a timeless scent and I’m happy to begin using it again. Fresh Cream by Philosophy was a gift from 2 years ago! I tend to use it more in the winter months because it carries a heavier scent. With my hair in the process of growing out, I keep hot tools away! When I want my hair styled, the Frizz Ease cream is my finishing product.

I hope you enjoyed! Leave me a comment telling me your holy grail skin care product! Check out my last blog post here! Find me on Instagram and all my other social media!

XXOO, Madelyn