Summer Makeup Routine 

Hey everyone and welcome back to Miprepdaily! It’s been forever, or so it feels since I’ve posted on here. Be on he look out for more blogposts coming soon! Today I’ll be showing you my daily makeup routine, that is, when I want to wear it. Most days I have xc practice, weights, or tennis so I like to keep my skin as bare as possible. Make sure you subscribe to my blog so you can get notified whenever I post!

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Is it just me or does anyone else like to listen to music and watch videos while getting ready? Here I was supporting one of my favorite bloggers StyledByMckenz! The lighting was so nice in front the big window so I decided to do my makeup there.

I started with a fresh face and put my hair up so no makeup would get in it!

Prepping and protecting the skin so important! I used sunscreen, moisturizer, and a soothing cream to help with my eczema. Unfortunately, I had a pimple pop up that morning… :(.

My least favorite part of makeup is the foundation and concealer. I avoid this step whenever I can to allow my skin to breathe. Sadly my skin was looking a little rough and needed to be smoothed.

Eyebrows! I love having clean looking eyebrows and I hardly leave the house without them done. Using my favorite eyebrow pencil, I lightly fill in the sparse areas.

Mascara is what makes Madelyn, Madelyn. Only a select few will see me without mascara. A few coats in the summer serves me well!

Minimal eyeshadow is how I like it best. Stila ‘Kitten’ eyeshadow is just right for the summer.


To finish the look, I apply my setting powder, bronzer, highlight and chapstick!

That’s all folks! If you like beauty posts and want to see more, leave me comment! Make sure to check out my other blogposts and social media.

Xoxo, Madelyn