Switching It Up | End of Summer Outfits

Hey everyone, welcome back to miprepdaily! Today’s post is all about fashion, one of my favorite things to discuss! Before we hop on into the outfits, I want to mention that my uploading schedule has switched to Tuesday & Thursday. During the school year I get crazy busy meaning my life consists of sports, band, clubs, and let’s not forget about homework. I constantly feel as if I’m doing homework 24\7… all. the. time. Anyone else have those struggles? Nonetheless keep reading to see 3 different outfits that I styled!

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Day Designer Agenda Review + Productivity Tips

Hello everyone! Welcome back to miprepdaily. School is just around the corner for most of us, and learning how to stay productive is one of my back to school tips. Staying organized is imperative, especially once you reach high school. My favorite way to stay on track is an agenda! Keep scrolling for my top five productivity tips + thoughts on my new planner.

READ MY LAST BLOG POSTS: Out(there)fits #2 & July Recap

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Out(there)fits #2 | Pop of Red 

Hey everyone! Welcome back to miprepdaily. Today’s post is this weeks out(there)fit! Click here to see last weeks! Are you enjoying the new series? Let me know by giving this post a like and commenting your favorite color to WEAR!  Keep reading to see what’s in store.


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I went to the classic Old Navy this week and right away this tee caught my attention. We all adore weekends or at least I do! The hue is between red & orange and matches perfectly with navy chino shorts. Speaking of the shorts, they are from Gap’s spring collection. Sadly they were purchased last year, but I guarantee there’s something similar out! With summer in full bloom, hairstyles that keep the strays away are essential. Braids have been my go-to. Have you seen my no heat, easy hairstyles post? Click here to read! Moving on, my shoes are PBS and they added such a preppy vibe to the outfit. The fear of mixing metals is far in the past, wearing both gold and silver is unique. How darling is the mountain necklace? Thanks to my mom as she was the one who purchased it for me! Fossil is my favorite watch brand, so of course that’s where mine is from. One of the best Christmas gifts!!

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July Recap + Band Camp 2017

Hey everyone! This past week I was attending my second high school band camp which kept me busy for sure! Looking back through my photos, I got the idea to write a blog post sharing all the fun trips I’ve been on. Keep reading to see what has consumed my summer!

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Intro Into A New Fashion Series | Out(there)fits

Happy Friday! Today I’ll be introducing a new series for my blog! With school creeping up quickly I knew that figuring out new outfits would be a great idea to blog. Out(there)fits blog posts will show one outfit that was completely different from what I typically wear during the week. Keep reading to see the first outfit in the series!

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Mini Summer Haul!

Hello and welcome back to miprepdaily! I’ve done some shopping this summer on vacations and quick trips to the mall. If you like this post make sure to give it a like and keep reading!

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No Heat, Easy Summer Hairstyles!

Welcome back to miprepdaily! I’m bursting with excitement because today’s post is one I’ve been waiting to share, and now it’s finally here! With summer’s heat, hairstyles that keep hair away from my face while adding a cute touch to the outfit are necessary. Keep reading for 3, no heat hairstyles!

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Summer Fashion Favorites

Happy Monday! The first post of the week is none other than a fashion one. Here’s a quick look at my favorite summer trends, clothing pieces, and accessories. What summer trends have you been loving? Keep reading to see my summer fashion favorites.

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Cracking Open The Books |Reading List 2017

Hello everyone, welcome back to Miprepdaily. I hope you all are having an amazing day! As you can see from the title, today’s post is my reading list for 2017. Do you have any good reads to recommend? Let me know by leaving a comment! Keep scrolling for my books to start and/or finish by the end of the year!

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Room Tour | Summer Edition!

Hey everyone! I hope today has been a good one! Today’s post is different but I’m bursting with excitement to share! Often parts of my room are shown in my daily Instagram  stories. TONS of my followers have either requested a room tour or say they love my room, which gave me the idea for this blog post. I’ll be showing you around my room that I am finally satisfied with. Keep reading for the tour!

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