Weekend Wrap Up

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Hey everyone! I hope this weekend treated you well, and that you’re ready to tackle another great week! This past week was nothing less than busy and tiring! Tennis matches and intensive school days wore me down, but I’m happy to be blogging away!

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Easter 2017

Yes, Easter was a week ago, but I just now got the time to blog it! Easter has always been celebrated with my dads family, and this year we continued the tradition! If you aren’t following my social medias, make sure to do so!

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The Outfit

This outfit screams spring! The colors worked perfectly together and it was very comfy! And the best part, I was able to wear my PBS! That’s a big sign that spring and summer are here!

Outfit Details // tank: JCrew, cardigan: Gap, shorts: Gap, bracelets: Ralph Lauren, Lily & Laura, necklace: fossil, shoes: PBS

Easter Gifts

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Each Easter, my grandma sets up a mini gift hunt. I love doing it and she always watches me to see how easily I can find them, yet the result is usually her laughing because I’ve walked past them so many times and still didn’t find them! This year I got a bangle, a towel(not shown), beauty blenders, stickers, and candy… but of course that’s no longer around!

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Xoxo, Madelyn

Skin/Hair Care Favorites & Empties

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Welcome back to Miprepdaily! One of my New Year Resolutions was to revitalize my skin. With it only being April, I can’t say I’ve fully accomplished my goal, yet so far my skin looks healthier. The dark circles have subsided and only a few pimples remain constant. Ew… pimples. Struggling with dry skin in the past and viewing lotion as my mortal enemy, this winter I forced a habit onto myself of moisturizing daily. Today I’ll be telling you about my favorite products that will keep your skin and hair looking it’s best! Continue reading “Skin/Hair Care Favorites & Empties”

Daily Makeup Routine

Hey everyone! Today I’m sharing with you my daily makeup routine! I’m using my new products that I recieved for my birthday. Check out my Birthday Haul here.  Leave me a comment to what spring posts you want to see on mipredaily! Keep reading to see what I do daily for makeup.

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The first step in my routine is to protect and hydrate the skin. I use a daily moisturizer and under eye cream to help with my gnarly dark circles… I blame it on the tons of homework I get each night.  Lastly, my lips are always dry so I apply whatever my favorite lip balm is at the moment.

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Eyebrows are always done first in my book because they help frame your face and direct how and where eyeshadow/contour/highlight will be applied. I like using the Benefit brow pencil to shape the front of eyebrows.

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One tip I’d add for people who fill in eyebrows is to comb them out while doing it. This helps to prevent over drawing and making them too dark.

One reason I love this brow pencil is that it’s double ended, having the product on one and a brush on the other. My eyebrows and mascara are usually the most time consuming part of my daily routine.

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Here they are finished, the angle and lighting makes them seem uneven but trust me, they aren’t!

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Ah my eyelashes are my favorite thing about myself if it ever comes down to looks! I take a lot of time enhancing them so I don’t pull any out or have them look short and clumpy.

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Eyelashes are delicate, so I like making it as easy as possible for myself when I take my mascara off at the end of the day. This Tarte primer does the trick! I lightly brush this on before applying anything else. Here’s a tip; do one eye at a time if you use more than one mascara. Applying one right after another while the first mascara is wet allows less clumps to form!

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Clump Crusher by Covergirl is my base mascara. It adds just enough volume and helps darken them.

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Being a blonde, my eyelashes tend to lighten at the tips so I make sure to never miss those!

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The second mascara is Telescopic by L’Oréal. This gives me more length and lots of color. My main purpose for mascara is for color. I have pretty long eyelashes, but they aren’t easy to see!

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Face makeup is the next step in my routine . I HATE the look and feel of foundation so I use concealer all over. The Maybelline Fit Me concealer is super creamy so it blends well and doesn’t leave any splotches. The Covergirl concealer helps even out the color and brighten my under eyes.

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My cheeks have a lot of redness so the darker shade is used to cover that up.

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Hands down, a beauty blender is the way to go for any liquid makeup product. I dampen mine and pat the product into my skin.

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With everything blended, here’s the finished look half way through.

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Eyes! My favorite high-end makeup company is Tarte- everything smells delicious and the colors are so pretty for every product. The Tartelette pallet has every basic color plus some. It’s only 48 dollars too!

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Along with being blonde, pale skin is another struggle. I conceal my eyelids to hide veins and allow even application. My eyelashes are worked around so they don’t get messed up!

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I start off with a basic matte nude color. I prefer to keep my eyes natural at school.

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To add depth, I use a blending brush to apply a light brown shade into my crease.

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Another “hack” I can offer is to look up when finishing your crease color. This allows you to see if the eyes are even. A cool undertone to the brown shadow makes my eyes pop and doesn’t make the eye makeup look dirty.

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3/4 of the way done and here’s the look so far!

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To set my face makeup, I use the matching Fit Me powder. I like doing my powder products at the end to avoid rubbing it off.

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Swirl the brush in the product and tap before applying to the face! As you can see I found the puff of powder very amusing!

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NARS has the BEST bronzer. It blends so well and is easy to build. I apply my bronzer to the hollows of my cheeks, temples, and nose.

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I’m back again with another Tarte product. Blush isn’t vital to my routine because my cheeks get rosey naturally, but it’s nice to use when the winter blues drain away all your color. Never forget to smile!

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Somehow, I’ll apply more blush to my right cheek than my left. Does this happen to anyone else? Here I am evening it all out.

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Nevertheless, I am a follower of the highlighting trend. I keep mine more laid back than most. Occasionally I’ll see some girls with too much and it ends up looking oily, so I steer clear from “the glow” and go towards a nice shimmer.

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And we’re done! Make sure to check out my Instagram @madellyngrace for more pictures. I post daily!

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Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Hello loves! Exam week is over which means more blog posts! Valentine’s Day isn’t just for your current crush, so here I created a gift guide for Mom or your Bff!  Continue reading “Valentine’s Day Gift Guide”

2017 Bucket list

I’m back! Yes I’ve been gone, and there is no excuse other than a blogging block. I had no clue on what to post, but hopefully I can revive my page! Today’s post will be my bucket list for 2017. Passionate about conquering them, I figured I would share them with you all.

Bucket List || Twenty Seventeen

  1. Explore & Capture.

Hike, run, swim, jump into new memories. Film and capture the moments.

     2.  Transform my running & health.

Perform better, build endurance, improve diet.

     3.   Create @miprepp into what I want it to be.

Make the content represent its purpose.

     4.  Use my knowledge elsewhere.

Teach others.

      5. Spend summer outside.

Tan lines and good times.

      6.  Create a VSCO.

Make it someone else’s “goals”.

      7. Make a name for myself.

Socially and emotionally.

      8.  Improve my skin.

Revive and refresh.

     9.  Manage my time.

If you aren’t early, you’re late. This one is for you mom.

     10.  Stop wishing and start doing.

Only you can take the first step.

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What’s In My Backpack 2016

Summer is winding to an end, and the early mornings are just ahead. I recently went school shopping and picked up my new backpack for high school! I was in love the moment I set my eyes on it. Want to see it? Keep on reading! Continue reading “What’s In My Backpack 2016”

Lilly Pulitzer Agenda Review

The back to school season is just around the corner, and that means it’s time to shop! I picked up my first Lilly Pulitzer Agenda and I’m in love! I decided to get the large in Southern Charm.

Why a Lilly Agenda?

I love the Lilly and thought this print was just too cute! The covers were very durable, and it had a spot for notes; the two things that sold me!

Any concerns?

The binding is the only problem I have found so far. When trying to close the agenda, it wasn’t a smooth motion. I found that it had to be closed a certain way, or needed assistance with moving the pages/covers.

The agenda includes:

  • 2 small pockets
  • 2 sheets of stickers
  • Map artwork
  • Monthly overview
  • 5×5 artwork
  • Dates To Celebrate
  • Pages for extra events
  • Notes Page

Here’s a photographic rundown of the agenda! Make sure to follow my social links and give this post a like!

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P1010695 (2)

P1010696 (2)

P1010697 (2)

P1010698 (2)

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P1010707 (2)

P1010702 (2)

P1010703 (2)

P1010704 (2)